Prefix Power Words

Word of Power

PrefixBase EffectDC Increase
Mobi-One Range Increase+5 / Increment
Nomenes-One Area of Affect Increment+5 / Area
Annyo-One Duration Increment+5 / Duration

Prefixed before Power Word, these words are used to designate the target of the True Speakers will. Without a prefix, Words of Power simply affect their speaker. Many a new True Tongues have discovered the necessity of Prefixes by virtue of an accidental omission when summoning the elements or other destructive force.

Prefix Progressions
Mobi: Personal > Close > Medium > Long
Nomenes: 1 Target (5 ft.) > 5 ft. Radius > x2 Radius / Step
(Shape can be changed to a similar shape of the same area)
Annyo: Instant > Rounds > Minutes > 10 Minutes > Hours > Days

Prefix Power Words

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