Dragon Soul

Letter to Quilith #1

I’ve seen so much already and couldn’t wait to tell you about it. Den has turned out to be very friendly and kind. I’m very glad I’m traveling with him. We arrived at East Point and realized we had no means to travel so WE RAISED A SHIPWRECK FROM THE OCEAN FLOOR AND MENDED IT!!! It was incredible. The ocean is incredible, I didn’t know water could be that deep and vast…it feels like another world. I think when I’ve explored the land up here I’ll explore down there! While in East Point I saw slavers and a new friend of mine, Isla, and I freed them. One turned out to be a guard in disguise on an undercover mission. I offered the slaves passage on Den and I’s new ship if they wanted to go to the capital and they all agreed. They actually seem very nice and most of them are very different in race. I never thought I’d be the one to be the least different. It’s strange but nice at the same time. I told the guard, Kagan, we were headed to the capital to help someone there, he said it was his duty to help the crown and joined us.

On the way we were attacked by pirates. Actual pirates! It seemed fun at first, but it quickly turned very serious and I had to hurt them. I’ve never killed a person before, not even with the slavers. It saddened me greatly and I realized I need to keep the new crew around because I simply don’t have the heart to kill people like that. I know it’s a dangerous world, I’ll be careful. I asked the crew to stay and all but one has agreed so I feel much safer and more content that I’ll be able to share the burden of fighting.

All my love,

P.S. I will look for Trillion while I’m here at the capital and see if I can learn why the letters have stopped.


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