Long ago, there lived an ancient race of dragons that ruled the world with iron talons. They seized the world from the Gods and began molding it in their own image, crafting a powerful language that they could rewrite the very fabric of reality with. While initially a balance of Good and Evil, more nefarious dragons began using underhanded means to usurp their morally opposite kin and used sentient creatures like bait to lure them to their ultimate demise. From there, the exploits only worsened as they birthed myriad monsters into the world which began decimating the sentient races. Cut off from one another, humanoids the world over struggled for survival against the impossible conditions that now consumed the land.

With the last of her power, an ancient Dragon who survived the genocide of her brethren and whose heart bled for the plight of all sentient creatures made a sacrifice to split her soul and granted it to a lone humanoid who she believed embodied virtue and righteousness. Resonating her virtues with the power of her own soul, she amplified their ability ten fold and birthed a power unlike anything the world had ever seen. Empowering this one individual with the mastery of the dragon language, she fought along side him and began taking the world back from her vile brothers and sisters. Since the dragons lived mostly in solitude due to their distrust of one another, she systematically began wiping them out to save the humanoid races from total annihilation. Finally, confronting the most powerful of her race, she and her champion fell in battle to slay the final dragon and rid the world of her kind. With her dying breath, she spoke a prophecy that would foretell of her reincarnation when the world’s need was greatest and her reincarnation would once again select a champion to fight for the meek and defend the innocent.

- Excerpt from the Children’s Tale “Dragon Soul”

Dragon Soul