Dragon Speech DC: 25
Activation Time: 1 minute
Range: touch
Target: Creature touched
Duration: Instant
Save: Fortitude Negates (Harmless and See Text)
Spell Resistance: Yes (Harmless)

When used to Heal, the Heal True Word always heals the following: all diseases, blindness, deafness, hit point damage, temporary ability damage, poison, mental disorders due to spells or brain injury, and all magical effects penalizing the character’s abilities.
    – To cure drained abilities, increase the DC by +6
    – To dispel all negative levels from the last 20 weeks, increase the DC by +2 with a cumulative +2 for each additional week

When used to harm undead, this spell causes the creature to lose all but 1d4 hit points if it fails a Fortitude Save.

The Heal True Word can also be reversed to create an effect that manipulates negative energy instead of positive energy. This True Word heals all hit point damage to undead and causes living targets to lose all but 1d4 hit points unless they succeed on a Fortitude saving throw.

This True Word can also deal 4 negative levels of damage for 8 hours.
    – Each additional negative level increase the difficulty by +4
    – Each additional hour increases the difficulty by +2


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