Silver Stilltooth



A mysterious traveler first encountered by Ruka and her crew after repelling a pirate attack. Stilltooth was found in one of the cells after having been tortured for not revealing any information. Ruka later learned that Stilltooth is an assassin that was sent to put a stop to the Half-Orc Pirate brothers she encountered, but was betrayed by an informant and captured. The brothers had him tortured when he wouldn’t reveal any information about his assignment which Ruka later repaired.

After some convincing, Ruka was able to get Stilltooth to confess what he was hiding and he showed her the monster grafts within his mouth (a strange tongue and extended fangs in place of his fangs which produced poison). Stilltooth is still unable to speak due to his vocal cords having been burned beyond repair, but he offered Ruka a lucrative position as a consultant with his “organization” if she’d agree to assist with magical healing.


Silver Stilltooth

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